SkillsUSA: a unique program in Paso Robles

SkillsUSA: a unique program in Paso Robles

As local schools struggle to meet federal and state mandates toward student performance, shining lights continue to illuminate the many positive things happening within our schools — SkillsUSA being one of those.

It’s both an honor and pleasure to see our students excel year in and year out. From the Region 2 competitions in February, California State SkillsUSA Competition in April to teh National SkillsUSA Conference and Competition in Kansas City, MO in June, Paso Robles students continue to bring home top honors.

Competing against students from across the nation, the contests’ challenge student’s skills developed in their individual areas of choice study: everything from carpentry to nursing. The myriad of competition categories are a testament to the growing interest in the variety of vocational offerings being presented through the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District. Many of the skills learned through these programs are directly transferable into the local business marketplace, giving students workplace experience and the real-world skills needed to be successful.

For those who haven’t had the chance to see the SkillsUSA students in action, several contests are held throughout the year. If you’re interested in supporting a program that enhances the vocational skills of students, many of which excel outside a traditional classroom environment, donations to the program are warmly welcome.

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