How Field Gibson Can Help Arborists In California Save On Their Insurances

How Field Gibson Can Help Arborists In California Save On Their Insurances

If you own a business in the arbor industry, you know arborists play a vital role in maintaining the health and aesthetics of California's trees, a job that comes with potential risks and liabilities. As an arborist, protecting your business with the right insurance coverage is essential. Field Gibson at Dibuduo & DeFendis is a trusted insurance broker based in California. We understand the unique needs of arborists and are committed to helping them save on their insurance costs. Contact us today to see how we can help you save!

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Tailored Insurance Solutions For Arborists In California

Field Gibson recognizes that every arborist's business is unique. We work closely with arborists to understand their operations, risks, and coverage requirements. By tailoring insurance solutions to meet individual needs, Field Gibson ensures that arborists have the right coverage without paying for unnecessary extras.

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Expert Knowledge Of The Arborist And Insurance Industries

With over 26 years of experience and a deep understanding of both the arborist and insurance industry, Field Gibson stays up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations on the California Arborist industry to get you the best insurance tools to cover your business. Recently, California changed its state-provided insurance coverage for Arborists, negatively impacting businesses statewide. We can help you navigate this change and save money on your premiums.

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Arborist Specific Workers' Compensation Insurance

Field Gibson understands the importance of protecting both business owners and their employees. We can assist you in obtaining workers' compensation insurance, which provides coverage for workplace injuries and illnesses. By ensuring compliance with California's workers' compensation laws, arborists can provide their employees with a safe and protected work environment while avoiding costly penalties.

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Claims Assistance And Support

In the unfortunate event of a claim, we have the resources to support you throughout the process. As part of the largest brokerage in California, Field Gibson can provide prompt and efficient claims handling to ensure you receive the assistance you need, allowing you to get back to business and avoid downtime.

Field Gibson is committed to helping arborists in California save on their insurance costs while obtaining comprehensive coverage tailored to their unique needs. Protect your business — contact Field Gibson to explore your insurance options and start saving on your insurance premiums today.

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