Vineyard and Winery Insurance Program for California Growers

DiBuduo & DeFendis has more than 50 years experience mitigating the risks that keep vintners and growers and other people in the agriculture industry awake at night. Our insurance companies are ready to help you assess and insure against a variety of risks:

We work with a number of commercial insurance carriers and program providers to develop insurance programs that are specific to the type of business are clients own, not a cookie cutter approach shoving all vineyards, grape growers and wineries into the same box. Recent trends with California’s workers compensation rates are increasing the costs of employers.  We can help you find competitive insurance markets for specific classifications associated with wine making and agriculture.

If you operate your winery in California, you know the complicated road to growing special grapes and producing great wines. Viticulture, oenology, equipment management, staffing, marketing and insurance are all components. Large or small, the unique risks confronted by vintners require customized insurance solutions. The insurance companies we work with have developed comprehensive insurance coverage programs designed exclusively to meet the unique needs of wineries and vineyard owners/managers. We work to bring together all the critical coverages needed by wineries, small and large.

Some typical coverage features of Winery and Vineyard Programs can Include:

  • Bonds
  • Contamination
  • Crime
  • Crop insurance
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Farm and commercial auto
  • Food contamination
  • General liability
  • Harvested grapes
  • Liquor liability
  • Loss of business income
  • Mobile equipment
  • Newly acquired buildings
  • Newly acquired personal property
  • Ordinance or law
  • Outdoor plants and crops (vineyards)
  • Outdoor property
  • Personal property off premises
  • Pollution legal liability
  • Products recall expense
  • Property
  • Quake and flood
  • Special events – general liability
  • Sponsored athletic events – general liability
  • Trade show / special events property
  • Water damage / backup of sewers/drains
  • Wine leakage
  • Wine stock programs and transit
  • Wine valuation – market price
  • Workers’ compensation